iPhone 5 Global Ability Confirmed

Yes folks more on the much talked about next generation iPhone. It has been previously speculated that with the iPhone 5 Apple just might go the global phone route and shove both CDMA and GSM radios into their newest iOS smartphone, and it appears that speculation was spot on.

According to Robin Wauters over at Tech Crunch the iPhone 5 will indeed come out to play with support for both GSM and CDMA, making the iPhone 5 a single global phone rather than separate handsets for both networks.

How does he know this? Well he says he was approached by a developer who obviously wishes to remain anonymous, but apparently is responsible for some of the most popular iOS apps, and has offered up “solid proof” that the iPhone 5 is a world phone.

That solid proof came in the form of app logs that apparently showed an app what tested briefly by a few people that are “almost certainly” using an iPhone 5 running iOS 5 that have 2 sets of “mobile network codes” MNC and MCC which can identify a mobile carrier.

And apparently recent registrations for said app have been logged from a new iOS device and using the MNC and MCC codes for both AT&T and Verizon, which basically means the iPhone 5 will be able to play nice on both CDMA and GSM and thus a global phone.

As you know the first iPhone was GSM for AT&T and then along came the CDMA iPhone for Verizon, and now the iPhone 5 will be a single handset for both networks and have the ability to play on any network globally.

Of course one does have to say that “solid proof” does not make official confirmation, as we all know nothing to do with Apple gear is really confirmed until such times as Apple comes right out and lets the world know, so the iPhone 5 being a global phone has kind of been confirmed-ish for now.

It seems an obvious move forward for Apple to me to deliver a single iPhone that can play on both GSM and CDMA as why would Apple wish to continue making separate devices. As the popular belief is that Apple will unveil the iPhone 5 next month it isn’t too long to wait until we find out for sure.

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