Smartphones Vs. Humans: The Present & The Future

Just for fun we wish to start an on going story about smartphones, we will kick it off and all you need to do is read each chapeter clearly and add your next part to the story, we will start the story rolling with two piece below.

The story of “Smartphones Vs. Humans: The Present & The Future”

Part 1: This pleasant present day in the world of smartphones and humans is mind boggling, the power and technology within our mobile devices is beyond what we thought would happen say 10-years ago and the future of the smartphone will possibly take over the world.

Humans all over the world are relying on technology to bring device and personal abilities as one, are smartphones turning into super-computers? Where will smartphone technology be in say another 20 years? So many questions leads us to believe that smartphones will >>>>

Part Two: be THE ONE, no laptops, no desktops and no need to use touchscreens, we will be taken to the land of the robotic world and we all have to obey by the operating system, Android, iOS will be a thing of the past as the OS will be nano-technology making its own operating system as it evolves, bring the smartphone to >>>>

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