Apple iPad To Be Challenged By Lower Priced Amazon Tablets

Well now we all know what a very attractive price point with a tablet can mean when it comes to sales, one only has to look at the recent rush on the HP TouchPad to realise that if the price is attractive enough you will rapidly run out of stock of a device, and it appears that Amazon may have picked up on that fact.

The tablet to beat in the mobile space is of course the Apple iPad, and basically the only real way to beat the Apple slate at the moment is by coming in with a much lower price that will attract customers away from the iPad and to your device.

And according to an article over on Slash Gear by way of the New York Post, it looks like this just might be Amazon’s strategy, as apparently an “insider source” has revealed that Amazon intends to offer their Android tablets for “hundreds less” than the Apple iPad.

Now obviously that doesn’t mean that potential customers can expect an Amazon tablet to carry that very attractive HP TouchPad fire sale price of $99, but it could mean you will be able to snap up an Amazon tablet for around $299.

The word is there will be two Amazon Android slates, the “Coyote” an entry level 7-inch slate while the “Hollywood” is a 10.1-inch tablet that is rumoured to sport an NVIDIA quad core Kal-El processor, however previous rumours had these slates priced at $349 and $449 respectively.

As the word is “hundreds less” than the Apple iPad once can presume Amazon will at least come in at two hundred bucks lower than the Apple slate so that $299 is highly possible, and who knows maybe Amazon will be able to shift loads of their Android tablets if the price is right.


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