Apple iPad Shopping Trolley Being Tested In UK

Well it looks like a guys excuse that there’s a football game on that he wants to watch rather than go shopping is in real danger of becoming obsolete, well at least over here in the United Kingdom anyway, as a supermarket is testing out a new trolley that can hold the Apple iPad so men can watch their sports whilst shopping with the spouse.

Yes guys, women seem to be getting their own way and cutting down on the amount of excuses a guy can use to get out of traipsing round the local supermarket, and being bored out of their heads.

According to an article over on The Next Web by way of The Telegraph, the Apple iPad trolley trial is being carried our at a supermarket in Cromwell Road, Kensington, West London, and if successful will be rolled out across the United Kingdom.

These new trolleys also pack some high tech sensors along with a tilting iOS tablet holder, sensors that are fitted into the front bumper and emit an audible beep if it gets too close to another customer, so the excuse that you would be running into other people due to concentrating on the display is also thrown out the window.

And if you are thinking of using the excuse the iPad battery would run out, think again because these new shopping trolleys also come with a self-charging solar powered onboard battery to keep you iPad going.

The supermarket testing out the newest bane in a guy’s life is Sainsbury’s who believe that if the new trolleys make shoppers more likely to visit their store it will be of commercial, benefit, and the trolleys have been developed by Sky to highlight their Sky Go service.

So what do you reckon guys, it looks like the partner has finally managed to find a way of dragging your butt off the couch and into the supermarket, and you having to miss out on your sports coverage, what excuse will you come up with now to get out of following the missus round the isles?

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