Doro PhoneEasy 610 Hands-On Mobile Review

We here at Phones Review have been kindly sent the Doro PhoneEasy 610 mobile phone, we will give you our hands-on mobile review of this handset so that you can decide if it is for you or not.

Our hands-on review will give you a few details covering the design, key features, pros & cons, where to buy and our overall summary, we have also added plenty of pictures of the Doro PhoneEasy 610 mobile flip phone and accessories it comes with.

What is the Doro PhoneEasy 610? This device is a flip phone (aka clamshell), which has been designed with simplicity in mind generally for the older generation or for someone who likes simplicity, in a nutshell this is a phone and nothing more.

First Impressions:

The Doro PhoneEasy 610 is not a phone we would personally use and that is simply down to personal choice, we love smartphones and the more specs and features the better, but please do not count out this handset because it is back to basics. As soon as we took the mobile phone out of the box we automatically thought back to when mobile flip phones started to release, quite thick, large buttons and a small screen. Carry on reading because the phone will get a better review, first impressions were disappointing just because of the looks.

The Design:

We have to try and review this product based on what we know, this can be very hard indeed considering we play around with the top notch smartphones such as the Apple iPhone, HTC Desire HD, Galaxy S phones and many more, but please do not put the Doro PhoneEasy 610 in the same category because this handset is NOT a smartphone, nor is it a mini PC in your pocket. It is simply a phone and messaging device that offers simplicity of use.

The phone is 100 x 52 x 22 mm thick but got to say it fits nicely in the hand, holding the handset up to your ear is better than we though, it is comfortable to hold and the large button keypad design is brilliant and not at all fiddly to use, in fact it is a dream to have large buttons.

The button layout and design is very good indeed, the concaved keys are comfortable to use and we love the fact it has A / B / C buttons where you can add 3 top phone numbers for easy quick dialing. Raised edges and the buttons with soft touch coating is very nice to touch.

The Key Features:

SMS button, Easy to read text and display, extra loud and clear sound all add simplicity. The phone allows you to pick four different themes, which allows you to see different background and text colours, these include: Theme 1 white background with black text, black background with white text, black background with yellow text and blue background with yellow text.

You can change the text size from normal to large, you have 10 different wallpapers to choose from, the idle display option allows you to choose clock only, clock and operator, or all info. The LCD backlight can come on within 15 seconds / 30 seconds or 1 minute, the brightness comes in 3 levels (1,2,3), comes with an alarm, calendar, calculator, phonebook and FM radio. On the right hand side of the phone you get a headphone jack point and a charging socket (Also comes with a desktop charging station), the left hand side has the volume buttons, the keypad comes with a dedicated message shortcut button.

Phones Review Out and About Test:

We asked a number of people including friends, family and strangers what they thought of the Doro PhoneEasy 610, we put these into categories of age: Ages were 18 to 30, 30 to 40, 40 to 50 and 50+.

We asked the 18 to 30 age group, 15 people were in this age group and 11 of them said they did not like the design and that they would be the brunt of people laughing at them, the other 4 said even though the design was horrid because they are more into smartphones that the overall usage and simplicity of making and receiving phone calls as well as text messaging was a breeze and they loved that factor.

The next age group was 30 to 40, in this group there were 9 people of which contained 5 women and 4 men. The 5 women we asked loved this phone, they said smartphones are getting stupid and very hard to use and the Doro 610 was fantastic and said they might even consider buying, the same was said for one of the men in this age group, the other 3 men said it would make a great door stopper, which we though was a bit rich because it only weighs 103 grams.

The next age group is 40 to 50, only 6 people we asked in this age group. They said the design is very nice because it is very comfortable to hold and use, they said the buttons are clear, the menu is very easy to follow and the sound is very good indeed, however they said that they prefer smartphones and would not buy it.

Now we move onto 50+, we asked over 22 people in this category and the results are all the same for all we asked, many had different answers but basically all on the same wave length, they loved the phone and asked where they could buy from (Places to buy down below). The overall outcome on the people we asked is fairly simple to answer, women between 30 and 50+ loved the phone and if you are 50+ then this seems to be a great phone choice to make. Personally this handset is suited to the older generation.

The Positives:

Very easy to use, very simple menu layout, sounds good, shortcut keys are easy to set up, hearing aid compatible M3/T4, talk time of up to 192 minutes and standby of up to 533 minutes.

The Negatives:

Very basic indeed, but then suppose this is a positive if you want simplicity, the font size maybe great considering you can have on normal or large, but the display screen is very small considering most phones are coming with 4-inch plus screens. Not really any bad points on this phone because it has been designed for ease of use with no fuss.

Phones Review Overall Summary:

We love smartphones and if you have been with us for a while you would know that, so this phone is not for any Phones Review writers, but there are millions of customers out there that would love this handset if they are not into all the technology with smartphones. This simple phone is just that, A PHONE there is no denying that, ok it comes with an FM radio calculator etc but it is built for people to make and receive phone calls as well as easy texting, if your hearing is not what it used to be and your eyesight is fading then we do recommend the Doro PhoneEasy 610, my mum of 58 loves it.

For more information about the Doro PhoneEasy 610 mobile phone, please visit the official Doro website where you can find online retailers who sells this handset.

Where To Buy:

You can also visit Carphone Warehouse or Right Mobile Phone, CPW has it on sale for £89.95 on PAYG or on contract for as little as £10 per month with a free handset. Right Mobile Phone is listing it at £99.90 PAYG or £3.96 per month on contract.

Please do let us know what you think of the Doro PhoneEasy 610 mobile phone. Thanks, please do check out our hands-on photos below. Just so you know we have put the Doro PhoneEasy phone next to the Apple iPHone 4 and the HTC Desire HD just to give you a size comparison.


5 thoughts on “Doro PhoneEasy 610 Hands-On Mobile Review”

  1. charmaine says:

    The world has gone crazy for the latest technology and smartphones, this phone is what I’ve been looking for…good sound and ease of use…simplicity. I just want to make calls so I’m glad that someone has thought of it…perfect for my purposes

  2. Graham says:

    We are 80+ and have found that mobiles are getting too complicated. This Doro is just what we have been looing for,easy in the hand and easy to use,clear keypad and exellent sound.

  3. mistyday39 says:

    I had a about 3 mobile phones. I got fed up with my last phone which was nices and the battery kept being used een when the phones was switched off, i must add it was my second battery and it still kept doing the same. I am now very happy with my Doro 610 mobile phone it is so easy to send a text.

  4. Jenny says:

    I am 50+ and have had a Motorola V180 for 10 years plus. My battery is finally failing and I couldn’t get another one. I wanted another flip phone, just to text and call, but they are few and far between. The Doro 610 fits most of my wish list. My only criticism is the white inside makes it look a bit cheap. Purple or pink would be good! Only had it for a day, but so far so good!

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