SkinFlips Hands-on Review: Perfect Skin Stickers for Phones

Some say they prefer cases, some say snap on covers, but let me bring your attention to skins for phones, laptops, tablets etc. Before we get into the review we wish to say thank you to SkinFlips (All Links Below) for sending us a few samples of their stunning skins, we were personally into cases for smartphones and have had many of them, let us explain a little more by giving you our personal what we call “SkinFlips Hands-on Review: Perfect Skin Stickers for Phones”.

What Are SkinFlips?

These are in a nutshell, stickers for your devices and quality ones at that, which protects your device as well as giving them a stunning look. SkinFlips have many different styles of skins for over 1600 different devices including phones, gaming consoles, laptops, tablets etc, they have over 1000 different designs and you can even design your own custom stickers thanks to the create your own page.

Phones Review First Impressions

When we received our package we looked at the skins and thought nothing but “Not impressive yet”, at first glance they did not get us excited in any way at all, they basically had nice designs but did not jump out for us to say WOW. So far first impressions are not good at all, but stay with us it does get better.

The Designs

SkinFlips designs are fantastic and have many choices in their category list, these categories include: Specials for iPhone 4, Abstract, Apple, Old Masters Picture Gallery, Silhouettes, Black & White, Cartoon Art, Girly, Materials, Digital Art, Rockstyle, Paintings & Photography, Sports & Lifestyle, Street Art, Gaming & Sci-Fi, Flags and Skylines, Animals and last but not least Colours.

As said above you can custom create your own as well, you will see our custom Phones Review skins below, which look awesome.

Custom Designs

To create your own skins is very simple indeed, all you need to do is visit the; create your own page here and follow the simple on-screen instructions. We had to custom skins made for us, if you look below you will see that we have already added one skin to the Apple iPhone 4, this skin has red front and sides with a black back, the border going across the Apple logo is red with white text spelling “phones review”, looks stunning if you ask us. The other custom skin we had is the reverse, it has a black front and sides with a full red colour on the back, the border is black with white text saying, “phones review” across the Apple logo.

Other Skins Sent To Us

We have already mentioned the two Phones Review iPhone 4 skins, we were also sent a Wayne Rooney iPhone 4 skin, the blossom skin for the Samsung Galaxy S II, and a cool skin for the HTC Desire HD, and last but not least a cool skin for the iPad 2. (All Hands-on photos below review)

The Quality

The quality is top notch and we cannot fault them in anyway, we are always 100 percent honest with our reviews and we are being totally honest when we say we cannot find a fault. The quality is that good we have ditched our cases and now using these skins.

Applying Skins

The skins are made of durable plastic, which make them playable. They can be put on and taking back off without leaving residue, this review should have been done last week but we wanted to test the skins once on and then taken off.

These skins help prevent scratches etc, so much so we got a car key and scratched the skins and there was no mark at all on the phone once we took the skin off, you can take the skins off and adhere another with ease and then go back to the one you took off and apply that one again. They basically have the same use as protective skins; if they do get slightly dented their shape seems to come back to original life.

Apply the skins is very easy indeed, got to admit you need a steady hand and a little patients and if we can do it so can you. First of all we recommend you clean your device of dust and fingertip grease, we did not have any cleaning fluid so we just used some vodka on some tissue. Once all clean we stated of with the front on the iPhone 4, then the back and then the sides. The HTC Desire HD was slightly different as it comes with a few extra stickers than the iPhone 4 ones, still very easy to do though. Try NOT to stretch whilst applying, just take your time, if you stretch them too much they will lose their shape and it will look horrid on your device.

Applying can be a little fiddly but just take your time and you will be fine, took us not time to get used to.

Phones Review Summary

Would we buy them and recommend SkinFlips? YES is the answer here, we love them so much so we are not using cases or covers any more, we think the skins look great and when bored of them they

Many people have personally asked me where did I get a red iPhone 4, so I showed them the skin on the phone and they said they looked fantastic. They look good and they are easy to apply and re-apply and are reasonably price. Hopefully they stay up to date with new upcoming devices such as the iPhone 5, Nexus Prime, Droid Bionic etc.


Prices for laptops and tablets: 1 side / 1 Tablet is £19.99, 2 laptop sides is £29.99 and 3 laptop sides is £34.99. Gaming controller skins are £12.99, Mobile Phone front and back skins are £12.99, Handheld gaming console skins are priced at £14.99, Gaming console skins are £19.99 and MP3 player front and back skins are £12.99. Full price list here

Where To Buy

These skins can be purchased via SkinFlips, please visit either of these sites to buy your skins right now:

United Kingdom / Austria / France / Germany / Spain / Italy / International

Please do check out the hands-on photos below – click any of the images to enlarge.

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