iPhone 4 Accessories: Ear Case Is Rather Ridiculous

We have seen numerous unusual cases for the iPhone 4 in the past, but this one takes the top medal for being the most ridiculous in my book, I mean who would really want to walk around holding a massive ear to their ear? Well apparently someone things it’s a good idea because they are actually selling this ear shaped iPhone 4 case.

The Ear case for the iPhone 4 is brought to our attention by Chip Chick, and is a giant ear design silicone rubber case that you precious iOS smartphone slips into and apparently provides great protection from drops.

According to Mobile Fun who offer the iPhone 4 Ear Case…” This uniquely designed case features an exact cut out for the iPhone 4 so you can be sure of a perfect fit for your phone so it provides great protection. The case is designed to look like an extra large ear but it still fits comfortably in your hand and reduces the risk of you dropping your device.”

Strangely though for some reason they call the colour of the case red, whereas I would have thought it would have been flesh colour, but this unusual case does apparently feature charger cut outs.

The only thing I would say is in favour of owning this ear shaped case is that you are probably unlikely to see any other user actually using one, so you could be in a class of your own, and as the site says, stand out from the crowd.

So if you are crazy enough to actually want to hold a giant ear to your ear when using your iPhone 4, you can purchase the Ear case for the iOS smartphone at a cost of £12.95, which is roughly $20.

So any of our readers interested in snapping up a giant ear for their iPhone, or do you think slapping a big ear to the side of your head every time you make or answer a call is simply just taking things too far?

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