Optimus 3D 2 Coming Next Year With Slimmer Design

The 3D glasses-free smartphone the LG Optimus 3D also known as the LG Thrill 4G over in the US of A, hasn’t really be available that long, but the word is LG is already considering a successor to the Android 2.2 Froyo handset, and thinking about delivering the LG Optimus 3D 2 sometime next year with a slimmer form factor.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of Pocket-lint, LG has plans in the pipeline for the LG Optimus 3D 2, which will be “super slim” at just 7mm thick, which would certainly make the smartphone one of the slimmest in the mobile space.

Dr Henry Noh of LG told Pocket-lint, “Everyone knows that this [LG Optimus 3D] is not the slimmest and sexiest phone on the street. We want to make it a little slimmer,” and goes on to add, “These days, all the phones look the same. They have a huge screen – 4.3-inches is normal these days – and next year they’re moving even larger. And they have a fixed number of touch buttons. They’re the same thickness. They have the same camera. And even the same OS. It’s so boring.”

Other than that though there’s no word on any spec bumps the LG Optimus 3D 2 may come with, but Dr Noh does say… “Next year, all the phones are going to be as thin as, let’s say, 6mm. You throw in 3D, and because of the thickness and stuff, it becomes 7mm. But I bet you 90 per cent of the population won’t know the difference. Eventually, we want to make it so that having the 3D won’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be thicker. That’s going to be a differentiating factor that comes for free to the user.”

So at least the Android faithful that love the glasses-free experience can look forward to the LG Optimus 3D successor sometime in 2012. So would a slimmed down Optimus 3D be more appealing to you?


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  1. Ken Bradshaw says:

    Let’s see.  The optimus 3D 1 never got upgraded to 2.3 gingerbread.  Why would LG think anyone will buy the next version when they refuse to support the old one?

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