iPhone 5 Official Launch Announcement 19th or 26th Sept Claim

Everyone and their aunt wants to know just when Apple will get all officially with the next generation iPhone and actually get round to announcing the iPhone 5 launch, and speculation is running that the iPhone 5 will see release early October, and today we get some news on when Apple is thinking about officially announcing the iPhone 5.

According to the guys over at Fast Company, they have apparently heard from an inside source at Apple claiming that Apple is looking at officially announcing the launch of the iPhone 5 either the week commencing the 19th of September or the week commencing the 26th of September.

Announcing the official launch of the iPhone 5 then would give a short period for pre-ordering the latest iOS smartphone before it is launched “in multiple countries” on a date “in the first week of October.”

This latest iPhone 5 release claim seems to tie in nicely with recent rumours that the next generation Apple handset would see release sometime early in October, while Deutsche Telekom are already taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5 in Germany even though a release date still hasn’t been confirmed.

Of course any word to do with the iPhone 5 is instant news as everyone waits in anticipation of Apple kicking off the launch, but as I always say, anything to do with Apple gear remains firmly in rumour territory until such times as Apple puts their official stamp on it, so for now, these date could possibly be the official announcement dates but should be treated as pure speculation for now.

Having said that, rumours can sometimes turn out to be spot on, and if this one is, then the iOS faithful can look forward to owning the iPhone 5 pretty soon.

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