iOS Device Accessories: AyeGear Jacket Accommodates Apple Gear

If you are somewhat of a traveller and are lucky enough to own a few tech gadgets such as the Apple iPad, iPod, iPhone, Mac computer and such and wish to carry all your iOS gear with you, how about a coat that can accommodate all your iOS gear so you always have them at hand when out and about.

Thus an iOS accessory comes to our attention courtesy of the guys over at iDownload Blog, called the AyeGear jacket, an overcoat that features 18 pockets for hosing your beloved Apple iPhone, iPad and other Apple gear.

Apparently some of those 18 pockets can be zipped to keep your tech gear safe and some feature touch friendly windows so you can operate the device without removing it from said pocket, and some pockets are large enough to hold a MacBook Air while other are small enough to house SD cards and such.

Whilst at the MyGreatFest convention, Joe White of AppAdvice saw the AyeGear and says, “I saw an AyeGear in person yesterday, at MyGreatFest, and it’s impressive. First, you wouldn’t think it’s packed out with pockets or is housing iOS devices, because when I saw the jacket’s creator, he looked just like he was wearing any normal body-warmer. “

And for your viewing consideration we have a short promo video of the AyegGear jacket in action, which can be viewed below, and is apparently a soft-touch water resistant, and finger-friendly garment, so don’t forget to check out the footage.

Having said that, although this might be considered a handy jacket to own by some, I would have though that walking round with numerous tech gadgets in your jacket would make you an ideal target for a mugger, but maybe not. Anyway if the AyeGear jacket catches your attention it is available for purchase from the AyeGear website for a reasonable £60, so roughly $95, and of course you don’t have to use it for just iOS gear.


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