iPhone 4S Otterbox Case Proves Upcoming Release

New iPhone 4S Otterbox case is showing up, which kind of proves this Apple model release, will announcements at WWDC 2011 in October only reveal the iPhone 4S or will they reveal the iPhone 5 as well?

If you look at the photo screenshot below you will clearly see on the box it says iPhone 4S, surely this is solid proof now unless its fake, but it looks real and not fake to us.

These photos come by way of Chronic via Twitter; you can see the photos here.

On the back of the Otterbox packaging it shows off the volume buttons, if you look closely you will notice that the volume buttons have moved for the left to the right hand side, does this mean that there will be a new shutter feature on the new iPhone, this means that the volume buttons will be near the camera lens, press the volume buttons to take pictures.

As usual we always stay sceptical until Apple has released official news, WWDC 2011 has been rumoured to start October 4, we will see as they say.

If the above Apple iPhone 4S Otterbox case is real, does that mean there will only be the iPhone 4S release, or will Apple release both the 4S and the iPhone 5?

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Source – iDB

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