Mixology Drink Recipes App for Android and iPhone

If you love drinks you may want to check out the brilliant Mixology Drink Recipes App for Android and iPhone, this is an application for those that wants that ultimate bartending guide and drink recipes.

It does not matter if you are a beginner bartender or a professional mixologist, this app will still blow your mind where you can be very creative indeed in supplying the best drinks ever.

The Mixology Drink Recipes app contains over 7,900 drink recipes and 1,300 plus ingredients, you can make drinks using imperial or metric units with a simple one touch tab, it also comes with many features including the “LIQUOR CABINET”, this feature allows users to enter the world of liquors and mixer types that searches the whole database for all the cocktails you are about to mix up.

Other features include “random drinks”, this is a simple tab that has a slot-machine interface allowing you to find random cocktail recipes based on liquor, mixer, and glassware criteria, which includes 1,300+ ingredients into 87 categories.

You can find local (Nearby) liquor stores using GPS and Google maps, thanks to the Liquor Store Locator features. This application comes with many categories such as, Martinis, Hot Drinks, Cocktails, Punches, Jello Shots, Shooters, Favourites and Non-Alcoholic; you know you will have a little fun here.

Other than all the drink recipes, the Mixology Drink Recipes app allows the user to learn all there is to know about bartending terminology and techniques such as: Tools of the Trade, Glassware, How to Stock Your Bar, Terminology, as well as Bartending Tips & Tricks.

If you have not got this application on your iPhone or Android device, please do get it because it is a great app. Please visit iTunes (App Store) if you have the iPhone, and for Android devices please visit the Android Market.

The app is totally free, if you already have this app installed please let us know what device it is on and please do send in your personal reviews as this will help other readers decide if it is for them or not.

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