New Motorola Xoom 7 & 10-inch Tablets: Release Dates

Phones Review Quickie: How much do you like the Motorola Xoom tablet? Well whatever your answer is you may be happy to know or not, that two new Motorola Xoom 7 & 10-inch tablets are being released this year of 2011.

Motorola is gearing up to release two new tablets in the Xoom range, there will be a new 7-inch Motorola Xoom tablet that will be outsourced by Compal Electronics, as well as a new 10-inch tablet that will probably be produced in-house.

These tablets will be released to Europe and U.S, Taiwan Chi Cheng Enterprise will supply the body of the 7-inch Xoom by Motorola with around 250,000-350,000 units expected to be supplied.

The 10-1-inch and 8.2-inch models have already been mentioned a few times online, but the 7-inch is definitely on the way with November and December being the estimated release dates.

Both of the above-mentioned models have had a redesign to be slimmer, apparently both coming with higher quality HD touchscreens.

Hopefully the two Motorola Xoom tablets will release with Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. There is not a lot more to go on at the moment, but please be sure to stay with us, as we will provide more news as soon as we know more.

Motorola will definitely be giving the new Xoom tablets a makeover, with better performance and better screen, let’s hope they do not give them very high prices. Fingers crossed.

Source — DiGiTimes via Droid-Life (Images via Engadget)

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