Battlefield 3 Beta wait, get apps to ease pain

Battlefield 3 also known to the masses as BF3 is the all new first-person shooter game that is set to release October 25, 2011 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Even though it is still at Battlefield 3 beta stages you can get apps to ease the pain.

This is what we call “Battlefield 3 Beta wait, get apps to ease pain”, below we have put together 3 applications for iOS devices, so we hope you like them.

The first app is only 69p via the App Store (iTunes) and is called “Elite News for Battlefield 3”. This app will give users BF3 news covering all the top critical news you need, main features include: Official BF3 News, Gematsu News, Facebook Wall Entries, BF3 Google Alerts, BF3 News Feed, GameSpot News, BF3 Wiki, High-Res Images, as well as BF3 Forums, HD Videos and BF3 Nation News.

The above app is a growing process, which means lots more stuff will be added. It has a recent update that now adds more new source such as; Official BF3 Twitter, Battlefield Today, BF3 Bing Alerts, FPS Insider, GameSpy, plus BF3 Media, BF3 Online Community, Enter BF3 and BF3 Community.

The next app is called “BF3 Countdown — Countdown to Battlefield 3”, this app is free via the App Store (iTunes) and does exactly what it says on the title. The app features video list and wallpapers and well as a news feed and the main countdown timer to release.

Last but not least is “Pro Guide Battlefield 3 Edition”; this app is £1.99 via the App Store (iTunes) but does offer a lot of interesting stuff. Main features include: Full Weapons List, Forums, Full Vehicle and Class List, Team Builders and Clan Recruiting, Match Finders, Chat Rooms, Discounts on Top Of The Line Gaming Gear, Glitches, more stuff will be added.

Please let us know if you will be buying Battlefield 3, or will you opt for the new Modern Warfare 3 game.

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