Noom Weight Loss app for Android, stay in shape

There are so many weight loss apps on the market and we try to find ones that seem popular, so we thought we would share the Noom Weight Loss app for Android.

This is an app to help you stay in shape by WorkSmart Labs Inc, there are many of you that go completely crazy just to try and lose weight, and well that is not the case with this app.

Noom Weight Loss for Android devices has many features to achieve your weight loss goals, your goals can be achieved by using simple processes such as food logging, exercise tracking and the big one named “Motivation”.

This is a very easy system to use, where users simply set up their very own personal weight loss plan, once this has been done all you need to do is log meals, get exercise reminders, track your progress and of course track all your activities like gym work, walking or yoga etc.

Main Noom Features Include: Weight loss graph and progress bars, Track any kind exercise with GPS or pedometer, Set up a personalized weight loss plan, Take pictures of your meals, Quickly log all of your food & improve your diet, Home screen widgets, as well as Share with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter, World High Scores.

This application is a growing process and will have many new features added as of when released. For more information about the Noom Weight Loss app for Android, please visit the Android Market.

Oh even better news is that this app is free.

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