iPhone 5 Preview Video Not For The Easily Offended

I have to say that this particular iPhone 5 video is quite hilarious in places as long as you are not easily offended, and is a rather hilarious take on the upcoming iOS smartphone that is expected to be unveiled at Apple’s event today as 10am US time, so 6PM UK time.

The iPhone 5 preview: An exclusive look from Next Media Animation comes our way courtesy of the guys over at The Next Web, and before you jump on down to view the footage I have to give warning that some part of the video are not suitable for youngsters or those that are easily offended.

That said, I did have somewhat of a laugh at this video especially when a hologram of Steve Jobs pops out and punches the user square in the face, but the best bit was the reference to Apple fanboys, and knocking one out under the bedclothes…pure genius.

According to the video the iPhone 5 will make you the coolest person in the room, and women will surely sleep with you, but to purchase an iPhone you must camp out to be first in line…have to love that “No Life?” sign post.

In all, this light-hearted stab at the iPhone 5 hype is a real good laugh if you have the sense of humour, and puts a more down to earth sense to the upcoming iPhone 5 launch, that is of course if Apple does launch the iPhone 5.

Anyway, although the iOS fanboy may take a little offence at this video I suggest if you need a good laugh then head on down and mash that play button and check out this iPhone 5 preview…enjoy.

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