Vertu Goes Touch Screen With Constellation T Smartphone

Phones Review Quickie: Although old Nokia has been having somewhat of a rough time in the past and losing market share hand over fist to rivals iOS and Android, and hopes to claw some of that lost share back by pushing our Windows Phone handsets, one of Nokia’s companies is still going strong…their luxury handset line Vertu.

And apparently Vertu has finally after many; many moons entered the touch screen handset arena. According to an article over on Ubergizmo, by way of This Is My Next, and by way of Bluetooth SIG, Vertu is to make available their first ever touch screen smartphone called the Vertu Constellation T.

So what is known about the Vertu Constellation T? Well word is the luxury smartphone will sport a 3.5-inch nHD AMOLED touch screen, an 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, have pentaband HSPA, and pack 32GB of onboard storage.

As for the operating system, well all Vertu handsets are still faithful to the Symbian OS and thus it is expected that the Constellation T could come with either Symbian Anna or Symbian Belle in tow along with a customised Vertu skin.

Word is Vertu is gearing up to release the Constellation T sometime this month, however when it comes to how much the luxury device will set you back there is no word, but as with all Vertu handset you will no doubt have to dig real deep into your bank account to own one.

The Constellation T may well be Vertu’s first foray into the touch screen smartphone space, but it’s still targeted towards the well off rather than your regular smartphone purchaser, although there does seem to be many they keep the Vertu brand alive and kicking.

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