iPhone 5 Coming 2012 With LTE According to Analyst

Disappointed with the iPhone 4S? Well never mind it appears you might have a bit of a wait for the real iPhone 5 to surface, but apparently the iPhone 5 is coming albeit in sometime 2012, so possibly a year’s wait could be on the cards apparently depending on when Apple considers 4G LTE networks to be ready to be graced by an Apple smartphone.

According to an article over on Apple Insider, the president for Forward Concepts, analyst Will Strauss has explained to Cnet why he believes Apple only delivered the iPhone 4S rather than the full on iPhone 5 at this years event.

Apparently Strauss says, “They’re saving the iPhone 5 for the LTE version and that wont be out until next spring,” this is of course probably only Strauss’ opinion as he doesn’t actually state where he gets his info from and as such should be treated as rumour for now.

The analyst also said, “There’s no way they could come out with LTE now,” and further noted that the 4G LTE enabled HTC Thunderbolt uses a 2-chip solution.

Apparently that 2-chip solution would take up too much space in a compact handset such as the iPhone and apparently other experts are in agreement, with chip expert and CEO of Anandtech, Anand Shimpi stating, “The iPhone 4 PCB [printed circuit board] is already incredibly small, not leaving any room for an extra chip to enable LTE without shrinking the size of the batter (or increasing the thickness of the phone to accommodate both a larger PCB and a big battery.)”

So there you have it, it would appear that the iOS faithful didn’t get the iPhone they had planned on because Apple basically wanted to keep the iPhone as slim as it is, which basically meant no redesign and hence the iPhone 4S.

So if what the analysts are saying is spot on sometime next year you can expect the iPhone 5, but unless Apple can find a way round the problem the iPhone 5 will be bigger and thicker to accommodate LTE functionality.

However personally I don’t think that would be all that bad, a bigger device could mean a bigger display and larger batter along with 4G LTE at the expense of thinness, which seems to me to be a fair trade off. Would you rather have had a bigger and thicker iPhone 5 with LTE right now, than the iPhone 4S? Feel free to voice your opinions to our comments area below.

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