Nexus Prime Releasing On Verizon 27th Oct Claim

So the next big thing in the Android space is of course the much talked about Samsung Nexus Prime, a device that is apparently to surface running Google’s all new Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, a device that we may have had a peek at in a recent video promoting the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 event that is due to begin on the 11th of the month.

Now according to an article over on Unwired View the guys over at Droid-life are hearing a rumour that the Samsung Nexus Prime, or Samsung Prime, or Samsung Galaxy Nexus whichever the device turns out to be called, an unnamed source claims a Verizon email delivers the expected release date for the Android smartphone.

It appears, albeit unconfirmed and thus should be treated as pure rumour for now, that the Samsung Nexus Prime will release on the Big red as of the 27th of October, albeit the email stating the dates are subject to change.

Here’ s what the email revealed… “Device Launch Information

Please note Launch Dates Are subject to change:
Motorola Xoom 4G LTE Tablet — 10/6
Pantech Hotshot — 10/6
Samsung Stratosphere 4G- 10/13
Pantech 4G Global Modem- 10/20
Samsung Prime (Replacement for Charge) 10/27”

The guys do say thought that the Motorola Xoom 4G LTE release date info of the 6th of Oct seems somewhat strange as Verizon has already announced the tablet would arrive on the 13th Oct, so some discrepancy there.

But if true the Android space could well see the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich packing smartphone hit in just 21 days time, sound good to you, are you hoping to snap up the Samsung Nexus Prime come launch day?

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