BlackBerry Outage October 2011, have you suffered?

BlackBerry users across Europe, Africa and Middle East will probably be ripping out their hair by now, BlackBerry outage on October 10, 2011 has occurred and we are calling out to our readers if they have suffered.

The BlackBerry outage has left millions if users with messaging and Internet problems, in many cases users being cut off totally. RIM has already mentioned that there is a server problem and believed to have started from Slough in UK.

The downtime has left customers without the ability to send emails, access the Internet and not being able to send text messages.

RIM knows that there is a problem and they are investigating, RIM said on its Twitter account “”We apologise to any of our customers in Europe, Middle East & Africa still experiencing issues. We will bring you an update as soon as we can.”

The issue started at around 11.00am BST today, this problem has not affected normal voice-calling services, and it has also been noted according to Sky News that it is consumer users and not business contract users that are suffering the outage.

Vodafone UK has said, “We have been advised that RIM is working to resolve the issue as a matter of urgency.”

If you have been on the receiving end of the BlackBerry outage, please do let us know how you feel. All the information you can give us helps us learn a little more about your service.

If you have experienced such problems, please let us know what service you are having issues with and what area and country you are from. Thanks


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  1. Jonn Sandon says:

    We are a Blackberry Business user on O2, the service went intermittent @ about 10:50 yesterday (10th October) and was restored @ approx midnight. BBM was active throughout the downtime as was voice but e-mail was backing up on the BES.

    1. Sarahh says:

      ha iv had this blackberry curve 9300 3g 2weeks b4 that i had an iphone which il be going back 2 iphone.and so had alot of others said too! its getting stupid this now!! never known anythin like it! what a mess bb is. 

  2. MKER says:

    In France, Blackberry Internet Service outage started yesterday, october the 10th at around 1pm until 4 or 5 am. 
    Today service seems to be working well.

  3. Searching_for_Key_Largo says:

    It is getting to point it is worldwide or something; there is no verizon service in the US area of Alabama for internet via the phone nor even simple text/voice messages including no phone call availablity. That explains why no phone calls to me yesterday, and why I can’t access anything the phone was actually made for {Galaxy S} today so far since midnight until half past 4 am cst.

  4. Larry says:

    Off all yesterday afternoon in south of England. Came on during the evening but is now off again. Actually BB very disappointing and not user-friendly. Won’t be getting another one.

  5. Narimanc says:

    BB was working fine until 2 hours ago in South Africa… So frustrated!!!!!! No internet, FB, bbm, watsapp, emails, nimbuzz, twitter!!!! FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT!!!

  6. Victoria Holloran says:

    for 2 days now i havnt had any internet or bbm… this really isnt good enough and should be sorted out as if a customer wasnt to pay a bill for example they would be quike enough to disconnect our phones…. we pay for a service and expect to have it

  7. Rihcie001 says:

    Unfortunately, my contract with Orange runs until next October!!! ARGH!!!! 🙁 Useless phone network & now an absolute shambles with RIM. Sort yourselves out or you’re gonna’ lose everyone to Apple, Android etc… 

  8. Thomas Ludwig says:

    Sice yesterday, Orange Switzerland  BB service works only intermittently. It is currently down. No service intteruption notification was received. Is BB bancrupt ?

  9. Khaled from Kuwait says:

    Yes I experienced the outage & still since yesterday, Im in Kuwait, Middle Eastern state, It’s really shame on 1 of the big smartphones companies to have such problems, I wont mind occurence of such problems, but it shouldnt take that long, now it has been more than 24 hours of no blackberry usage for its main purpose (BBM & Email, not even browsing or any functions related to the internet) Its truly bad thing to happen, RIM for sure have got their reputation on the ground after this, All blackberries now in EMEA Regions are totally worthless & useless. What makes the problem worse & worse is the exaggerating silence of RIM to explain what is the cause of this problem & when is the approximate time to expect it to be solved! A big company cant expect a solution deadline for this to come to an end? RIM will regret this, no longer a good reputation.

  10. Guest says:

    BB really need to find the root cause of such outages. BB is considered till now one of the best business application service provider, but repeated outages across continents will certainly hamper their brand image and reliability. BB servers in India were down for 12 hrs (approx) and are down again today… Its surprising that repeated outages have not given any indication to BB management to have backup systems in place so that services do not get affected while servers tend to be down.

  11. Michael says:

    I’m still experiencing problems, I live in Yorkshire and my service came back lat last night and then today it’s gone again. No BBM – no Facebook for Blackberry – no Apps – No Internet. I only got my Blackberry on 1st October. Waisted money calling o2 for information  took 29 minutes to get through for them to state they could not help me. I they had posted a recored message it would have saved me some time

  12. I think the worst thing is that I’ve just converted form iPhone 3GS to the new Blackberry 9900 for reasons where I was getting too attached to the iphones enormous house of features, needed a new phone and I found a really good deal on the 9900. Not completely impressed with this spectacle…is it a sign?! :S

    1. SJT says:

      I think you made a big mistake to switch to BB from iPhone. I did the opposite less than a month ago after using iPod Touch 4 for a year. I am so happy I made the switch. My colleague asked me this afternoon if I have any problem as he’s having problem for the 3rd day or so. He simply forgot I switched to iPhone already. Oh, BTW, we are on the East Coast of US.

  13. They are taking the Michael now…get another server in and get it fixed. Upgrade the server software and swap out the box. Can’t have these things happening in this tech age; it’s not on RIM. Skiddish

  14. Grrrr says:

    I’ve been having this problem for 4 days now!!!!!….i called on Friday Oct 7th and after waiting forever they told me that my “area” was affected and there was nothing they could do but wait for their engineers to fix the outage….i figure it would take a few hrs or at most a day or 2…this is getting ridiculous!…oh and i’m in Austin Texas 

  15. Wietske Terblanche says:

    This outage is getting a bit ridiculous now. No notification has been sent by Blackberry/RIM/Cellphone networks to its users. Why do we need to go online to find out what the problem is? I think it would be a great idea if we as the users get a break on the dues for the month of October for the “lost network time” (that we pay for by the way)….Wietske, Cape Town, South Africa

  16. Fiona says:

    This is now becoming ridiculous and very irritating – surely something can be done in this day and age and I agree we should get a rebate on our monthly payments for lost network time.  I have family abroad and messenger is what we use almost daily to keep in touch so I am not a happy bunny.
    East Lothian,

  17. Celine Faria says:

    In france today, doesn’t work today again ! 3 days now … Need emails for the university and work ! So i love blackberry for their goods services but now i can’t stay with a bold who doesn’t work so switch with my iphone 3Gs

  18. M Baugh says:

    Hi I have a blackberry business account for my new Torch and as of the 10th I cannot use messenger or the internet but I can receive emails and send txts and phonecalls don’t seem to be affected.

  19. Sbox says:

    Blackberry torch stil – since Monday! It seems RIM dont really give a monkeys and the networks are saying ” Its there fault” so will have to continue to pay for no service

  20. Dbdillard says:

    Went to Verizon today to look at the Android and the I-Phone.  A new global I-phone comes out on the 14th of Oct.  The learning curve to use the touch pad keyboard will be a pain in the butt but I’m leaning towards something new.  Can’t do my business without being able to send and recieve e-mails while on the road.    This “outage” BS with BB is getting to be serious.  Can’t and will not tolerate it.   

  21. Maxilouise says:

    I have a blackberry curve- its been down since monday for me also i cant send or receive emails, cant get on the browser, send or receive bbms also cant sign in to my yahoo messaging sevice im from the u.k south wales, the only things that i can do is text an phone calls i pay for the services i cant get access to this is now getting really silly its been 3days an still nothing has been done  

  22. Laila says:

    From United Kingdom, been data service-less since monday and this is really getting on my nerves. HOW MUCH LONGER is RIM going to take to resolve this issue??

  23. Dpepper says:

      I am in the United States and my blackberry curve has stopped functioning not only for email and internet, but I cannot receive or make phone calls or texts!!!!  I am a realtor and will not wait for them to figure out their problem.  I must go to another phone.

  24. NTRS says:

    Looks like global issue for all BB Users. 
    Here in Europe we do not have BIS services since Monday. 

    When I called operator they said BB is working on improvement of services :D 
    But I don’t think this is any kind of improvement, this is just an unplanned downtime. 
    I’m BB user for last 2 years, not sure if such issues happened earlier? 

    Anyway, they should fix it asap, because BIS postpaid service isn’t free, we pay for it. 
    Therefor, we expect our phones to work! 

  25. Lindad0212 says:

    I have a blackberry curve- its been down since Monday.  I cant send or receive emails, cant get on the browser, send or receive bbms.  Im from the u.k , the only things that I can do is text an phone calls I pay for the services and I cant get access to them it is now getting really silly its been 3 days an still nothing has been done it is maddening

  26. NTRS says:

    + RIM didn’t came to customers with some reasonable explanation for downtime. 
    Which is UNACCEPTABLE. 

    3 Days isn’t short period of time. For 3 hours they should keep us posted, but after 3 days we don’t actually know what’s going on. 

  27. MothMonsterMan says:

    Maybe you need to redefine your idea of the word suffering. So you can’t send email or get on the internet? Ohhh the horror! Looks like you might actually have to pick up the PHONE and TALK.

    Let me stick you in a desert where you’re starving or riddled with disease. THAT is suffering! Bunch of crying babies and their technology.

  28. norway says:

    BB Curve Norway – can’t go on facebook, msn, recieve bbm msgs.. I recieve emails now and then and after a while it stops.. This is frustrating! They better fix this asap.. 3 days is not ok..

  29. Copsonemlyn says:

    Yes I’ve been affected by the Blackberry outage, I can’t even sign onto Yahoo Messenger on my infernal device and to say I’m b liming annoyed is an understatement because I use it during the week to talk to my girlfriend in Makati in the Philippines, and I hate not being able to talk to her, I love her and I miss her chat so much on Wednesday!

  30. Woodland_spryte says:

    At this point I cant even update my Torch on my computer. No pictures no music no Nothing…just keeps saying connecting….get emails a day or so later but I have started to get text again..oh joy

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