iPhone 4S 4G Indicator Required By AT&T

Well I figure AT&T doesn’t believe the latest upgrade of the iPhone is enough to draw in the masses, as the carrier apparently wants iPhone 4S customers to have a visual reminder that the iPhone 4S has “4G” albeit not really having true 4G connectivity.

As you are no doubt aware, AT&T is quite fond of claiming that their HSPA+ network is a 4G network the same as T-Mobile claims, but HSPA+ doesn’t actually fall into the “4G” definition, and of course the fact that AT&T is currently rolling out their 4G LTE network also shows that HSPA+ isn’t true 4G.

However according to the guys over at This Is My Next, the word is AT&T is currently “working with Apple” to change the iPhone 4S status bar to show “4G”, which is somewhat surprising considering Apple has never referred to the iPhone 4S as a 4G enabled smartphone.

Apparently according to the leaked screenshot (below), “This will happen with an iOS release from Apple,” and apparently the guys reached out to AT&T on the matter and they have confirmed they are “working together” to get it and also emphasise, “customers will get 4G speeds from day one.”

Not sure why Apple would consider AT&T’s request for the iPhone 4S to show as 4G when it clearly isn’t, but then I don’t profess to knowing the inner workings of big businesses, but it would appear to me that if the iPhone 4s does show 4G in the status bar in future then surely that is basically deceiving the iPhone faithful out there.

Besides what happens when Apple does deliver a true 4G enabled iOS smartphone, which is expected when they deliver the iPhone 5 at some point in the future, will the status bar then say true 4G? Personally I think if a device isn’t really 4G then it shouldn’t show as being so, what is your opinion?

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