Steve Jobs Biopic Possibly On The Cards

As everyone in the whole wide world will know, iPhone guru and Apple’s main man, Steve Jobs passed away recently, and the officially biography of the man will be made available to purchase at some point in the future, and for those Steve Jobs fans out there it looks like a movie of his life will also be on the cards for the future.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of Deadline, the word is Sony Pictures has a deal in the pipeline to acquire the movie rights to the authorised biography of Steve Jobs from author Walter Isaacson.

Apparently the deal is that if Sony Pictures does make and release the Steve Jobs movie, Isaacson will get a nice hefty $3 million, furthermore, even if the movie isn’t made, Isaacson is still guaranteed a cool one million bucks.

As I am sure most are aware, Sony Pictures are the guys behind such real-life recent movies The Social Network and Moneyball. Word is that Mark Gordon is the guy to produce the movie if Sony Pictures goes ahead.

As for that Steve Jobs biography, it was originally scheduled for a March 2012 release by had now been bumped up for a release by Simon & Schuster late this month on October the 24th and includes the final interview Mr. Jobs granted.

No doubt the Steve Jobs biography will be a big success, and if Sony Pictures do go ahead and make a movie about the like of the iconic Apple CEO, I’m sure that will also be one huge success story.

Apparently this wouldn’t be the first movie based on Steve Jobs’ life, as back in 1999 there was a movie called The Pirates of Silicon Valley, which based on Jobs and his biggest rival Bill Gates. So with that in mind and if Sony Pictures decide to go ahead, any suggestions as to who could portray Steve on the silver screen?

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