Twitter feed out aloud with Tweet Speaker app

Millions of you love Twitter, but reading all the tweets all day long is a little tiresome, now is the time for Phones Review to let you know about the “Tweet Speaker” app for iOS devices.

Tweet Speaker by developers App Cubby has produced a very good app that most will find most useful, in simple terms this app allows you to listen to your twitter feed.

This is a great application for your Apple device, Tweet Speaker allows you to listen to the news, sports and many other tweets in the house, at work, on public transport etc, it gives you more freedom.

Some of the main features include:
Tweet Marker support, speech tailored for tweets, Airplay, adjustable reading speed, and a fantastic user interface. It simply turns your Twitter feed into your very own personal tweet radio, there maybe many voice apps in the store but this one seems to be working very well, we will be testing even more soon, in the meantime please head on over to iDB for more information. You could however just visit the iTunes store now for more info and download via the App Store.

This app is only £1.99 ($2.99 US), well worth the price if you ask us.

Just so you know, you cannot customise this application, but many new features will come over a period of time. iDB has given this app a road test and they report that the Tweet Speaker will provide titles for links and correctly dictate usernames and hashtags most of the time.

As usual we always ask if you already have an app installed to send us your personal reviews, so if you have Tweet Speaker use the commenting area below and send in those reviews. Lovely

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