iPhone 4 on self destruct, problems occurring

The iPhone 4S is being dispatched October 14, which is great news if you have pre-ordered or going to the store to get one, but it seems and we mean every year the “iPhone 4 on self destruct, problems occurring” happens.

Surely this is not just us this is happening too, we presently have the iPhone 4 amongst many other phones including Android but it is the iPhone 4 we would like to chat about here.

We would like to know if Apple has a big red button that says “iPhone 4 Self Destruct” on it, the reason we ask this is all down to our iPhone 4 having a mind of its blooming own.

You are probably wondering where we are going with this, well let us explain; since the announcement of the new Apple iPhone 4S strange or not, but we seem to be having nothing but problems with the iPhone 4 coincidence it may seem but it is happening.

Some of the problems our iPhone 4 is getting include, the home button not working properly, and in that we mean it gets stuck. Normally you press the home button and it reacts super fast, but not anymore.

Next problem is when trying to call someone via our contacts list, we click on a name and then tap the phone number and it starts to call them, but we get no ringtone nothing, which results in cancelling the call and trying for the second time, which does work.

Before all you Android lovers out there start to slag of the iPhone 4, which is what we are doing at the moment, the Apple iPhone is a great smartphone and we absolutely love the way it works performs and talks to other Apple devices, but it is the last week that our iPhone decides to play games with us, which normally never happens, well I say never happens but it does seem a coincidence that this happens each year a new iPhone is about to release, funny that.

Please let us know if you have an iPhone 4 and you are experiencing problems within the last week, your information will help us a lot to understand if we are just unlucky or if this is the case of iPhone 4 on self destruct, problems occurring.


19 thoughts on “iPhone 4 on self destruct, problems occurring”

      1. Wlike76 says:

        Try the RESET by plugging into your computer and hold down the button till the Voice App comes up. then press cancel. It supposedly resets the button, it has worked on mine so far (knock on wood). Hardwear issues… BLAH!  It’s a finely tuned piece of equipment made by the lowest bidder at the highest selling price, and you own one. Good luck ladies!

  1. AshenafiH says:

    You experinced a nuisacnce propblem on a single device and post this to the whole wide world? not fair! Mine is working prety cool! The home button is s hardware issue and how come it gets stuck for all people at the same time? Doesn’t just make sense!

    Calm down men, do not be emotional! Be professionals!!

  2. Perrodiablodude says:

    yes, i too have gotten issues with my phone in the last week. The button was getting stuck, and today, i get back from the gym, take a shower and go to use my phone and nothing happens. Like is crashed. screen wont come on, wont charge. Now im stuck with out one. Im currently station in the pacific, okinawa, and had all my contacts on there including my fiance. Now i have to go see about getting a new one. i might just wait till i get back state side to deal with phones again. Are there any reason as to why my phone would crash like that? or what causes it to do that? any input is highly appreciated.

    1. Ksulliva says:

      I had the same problem, ive been looking online for a while trying to figure it out and just found a tip that got mine working, and i tried everything, hold the home screen and the power button down simultaneously for about 15-20 seconds. another guy said it worked for him and it just worked for me, so best of luck, if it doesnt work for ya, idk what to tell you. goodluck tho

  3. Kjj856 says:

    I started to have issues with my 6 week old iPhone last week.  When I am on a call it will either go to mute or to speaker phone or will start dialing another contact on it’s own.  I took it to Verizon,  they trouble shooted it,  told me it was fixed,  came home and it started doing the same things.  I then called Verizon,  was on the phone with technical support for 1 1/2 half hours,  they had me reset the phone back to it’s original settings but it didn’t help.  They told me they would ship me a refurbished phone.  My iPhone is only 6 weeks old, I do not want a used phone!  Anyone else having this problem with their iPhone?

  4. Tomek Brestje says:

    My iPhone 4 won’t comnect to internet via 3G. I called my opereator and they said since restarting, reseting and all that stuff didn’t work that the sim xard must be broken! -.-”

  5. My 3gs is GREAT and is a replacement for the Samsung Galaxy that started on fire and I am on oxygen! They wanted to know if it was the BATTERY? Like I know or care? It’s a big black blob and my iPhone has no problems, I’ll be upgrading. 

  6. SilviaMInfante says:

    Ever since I got the IPhone 4, it has been nothing but problems. In the past year, I have been through 5 different phones. The home button getting stuck was the least of my problems. My screen would disappear and I had no way of ending a call or being able to switch to speaker as well. The keypad would also get stuck and I was not able to type. Finally on my 5th phone, I am again experiencing problems as now the phone will at times not let me swipe from the lock screen. All in all, I am fed up with the iPhone 4, it has turned me off so much that I have no intention of ever buying another iPhone. I am not looking forward to even steppig foot into an Apple store as they have horrible customer service. The last time I went, the technician left and never came back. The 3G was the best one I ever had. In my opinion, the IPhone 4 is horrible! Can wait for an upgrade to deity to a different phone

  7. NoiDâ„¢ says:

    I had no problem what-so-ever. Until I tried to install ios 5. And I’ve been working on it ever since! Several Error ,essages. Finally sync complete! Unplug it, some data missing, plug it in later. And get the message sync was interrupted, would you like to continue? It starts the process all over again. So If you are having problems. Don’t just assume it’s the iPhone 4. I’m having problem on my iTouch as well..

  8. Tim2thousand4 says:

    Had the same problem with my new 4s. I call and there is no ringtone. I’ll try again, and the same thing happens. On the 3rd or 4th try, my calls will go through. I’ve had a couple similar problems with Siri as well. Not respOnding, etc

    Apple said they will check out my antennas in the phone tomorrow. This phone is showing that it’s made in china, thats for sure 😉

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