HTC Sensation 4G Powered by Bugs in Snapdragon Video

Phones Review Quickie: On seeing the video we have for your viewing consideration below, I simply had to post it as I haven’t seen anything quite like this footage before, although if you are somewhat freaked out by bugs and a such you might like to give this video a bit of a miss, but if you can take the sight of creepy crawlies then take a gander.

This strange way of charging a smartphone, in this case the HTC Sensation 4G, footage comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Phone Arena, and by way of QUALCOMMVlog, and shows numerous bugs powering the Snapdragon S3 Sensation 4G.

In said footage we see such creepy crawlies doing their stuff for Qualcomm as a tarantula, scorpion, praying mantis a numerous other insects all working what is called the “Bug Circus Generator,” and then the smartphone is used to fire a beetle from a cannon though a fire hoop.

Have to say it’s one ingenious way to tout the Snapdragon processor and I love the way the praying mantis kicks it all off with operating a unicycle. The praying mantis pops up again at the end and seems to point at the Snapdragon logo…very clever and entertaining.

Anyway head on down and mash that play button to check out this unusual bug circus powering up the HTC Sensation 4G, I’m sure you’ll be amazed…enjoy.

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