iPhone 4S Shipping Today Got Your Notification?

I’m quite confidant that every iPhone 4S hopeful out there knows that today is iPhone 4S shipping day, the day when a huge quantity of the iOS faithful hope to receive notification from Apple that their precious new iPhone 4S has been shipped.

No doubt many will be hitting up the Apple website checking to see that all-important word “shipped,” but apparently some have already done so and are quite frustrated that that word isn’t yet showing.

According to the guys over at iphonerumors they received emails from readers on pre-order day that some where experiencing issues when trying to order, with the process screen freezing; however when restarting the process they did manage to get their order in.

No doubt with in excess of 1 million iPhone 4S handsets pre-ordered Apple will undoubtedly have a great deal of work to do to get all those eager customers their iPhone 4S, and those customers should receive an email from Apple with notification of the device being “shipped.”

So what we would like to know from our readers is if at some point today you receive that notification that your iPhone 4S has indeed been shipped, whether you have been lucky enough to be one of those to get one of the first batch and will see the device delivered today.

Apparently Apple will use a wide range of US postal carriers to fulfil demand, stating they use “the best carriers” to ensure your Apple product is delivered on schedule, and if you have received that shipped notification you will be able to track delivery via the tracking number along with hitting the carrier website for further info.

So are you sting by your computer today waiting patiently for that notification email from Apple that your iPhone 4S has now shipped? Feel free to let us know if you are waiting or have receive the notification by posting to our comments area below.

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8 thoughts on “iPhone 4S Shipping Today Got Your Notification?”

  1. Bertoman2630 says:

    dude. still waiting… preordered friday at 11:55 am at the store, no notification and i tried looking on Fed Ex and UPS websites… no one can find my order. -_- not amused.

  2. Fox4 says:

    I received a text message from AT&T today thanking me for my order and notifying my iPhone will be delivered directly to my house. Unfortunately, it did not say when and my online order status still says pending shipment.

  3. Drpepperfangirl says:

    I pre-ordered 6:45 am Friday (Sprint had a two hour delay and I gave up until I woke up for work). Haven’t gotten any emails yet. Kind of wish I had stood in line now. 

  4. Lynsledgers says:

    Oh it’s been shipped and on the UPS truck for delivery today. Just waiting waiting… if apple had used fed ex I would have had it this morning..UPS 6:00PST

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