California Honours Late Apple Chief with Steve Jobs Day Holiday

In honour of the memory of the late Steve Jobs who passed away of the 5th of October, the state of California will gain a new holiday on the 16th of October, which will be known as Steve Jobs Day, the same day Apple will hold a memorial service for people of prominence in Silicon Valley.

According to the guys over at The Next Web, Jerry Brown, the governor of California announced the Steve Jobs Day holiday via Twitter that aptly via the iPhonestated…

“This Sunday will be Steve Jobs Day in the State of California.”

The memorial service held by Apple on Steve Jobs Day will be a private occasion similar to the service that will be held three days later for Apple internal employees in Cupertino according to an Apple spokesperson.

The tweet from Governor Jerry Brown only says “This Sunday” will be Steve Jobs Day in California, so at this time it isn’t quite clear whether the Steve Jobs Day holiday will be an every year holiday, but I would have thought it would be a recurring holiday as a mark of respect for the main Apple man.

There have been a few disrespectful comments made on the Internet about Steve Jobs and that people shouldn’t mourn his passing as he wasn’t really anyone special, however even if you are not an Apple fan one does have to respect the hard and dedicated work Steve Jobs put into his work and the innovation he brought to the mobile space as a whole.

Should Steve Jobs be honoured by a state holiday? Yes I personally believe he should as I am sure thousands if not millions across the globe would agree.

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