iPhone 4S A Very Fragile Smartphone: Drop Test Video

One would have thought that when Apple delivers a new iPhone they would consider the fact that some people have a tendency to drop their smartphone on occasion, but it seems that Apple continues to ignore this and just like the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S is still just as fragile.

And to show just how fragile the iPone 4S is we have a video of a guy who minutes after purchasing the updated iOS smartphone, gives the device the drop test right outside the AT&T store where it was bought.

The Official: iPhone 4S Drop Test Outside AT&T footage comes our way courtesy of Unitediphonerepair, and shows the guy dropping the iPhone 4S from roughly shoulder height and on the first attempt comes off unscathed, but when the second drop flat on its face occurs, well the results are evident in the video below.

Personally I think that not just the iPhone 4S but the iPhone 4 is quite susceptible to drop damage mainly due to that glass front and back, but I have been using the Samsung Galaxy S for quite some time now and have on several occasions dropped the device and it is still as good as new, with not even a scratch on the touch screen.

Thus although the iPhone faithful try to get everyone to believe that the Apple smartphone is the best thing since sliced bread, if you are prone to accidentally dropping your handset perhaps one should give Apple devices a miss in favour of another mobile phone, something like an Android handset that can withstand the occasional drop without becoming a pile of junk.

That’s it my piece is said and done all you need do now is head on down to check out this guy destroying his newly purchased iPhone 4S…enjoy.

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9 thoughts on “iPhone 4S A Very Fragile Smartphone: Drop Test Video”

  1. GW says:

    So dropping the phone from about 5 feet onto concrete and the glass breaks (on the second try mind you) is “very fragile”?  You aren’t very bright are you?  Oh, and take your Galaxy S and drop it glass side first without a case from 5 feet onto some concrete and see what happens.

        1. PuppetMaster says:

          Lol no. The iPhone 4S has a ridicilously cheap and fragile glass on it. The Galaxy S has GORILLA GLASS. It can take way higher impacts without breaking.

  2. Dstrickner says:

    This article is very objective, a galaxy s is just a susceptible to glass breakage as the iPhone. As an example the video make it very clear how much variability this “test” contains. You drop it on its side or not exactly on its screen then 80 to 90% of the time it won’t break. But drop it directly on its screen and there you have it, it shatters. And besides the galaxy s is a hunk of crap right out of the gate… And not because of android either. Also to the editor you may want to read through this again it is very redundant and hypocritical….

  3. Samuel Warren says:

    Wow. The message is, “Get an Android phone because their glass doesn’t break.” that’s quite a stretch. Apparently the guys in the Android camp are trying to circle the wagons with posts like this. ANYTHING GLASS MIGHT BREAK WHEN YOU DROP IT!

  4. Affrotit says:

    lets just put it this way. i throw my droid in the air at about 8 feet everyday. does it break? no. my phone has maybe one scratch on the screen. btw, it also didnt have a case on it.

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