Steve Jobs 4001 Post-it Note Tribute Video

There have been quite a few tributes to the late Steve Jobs since the iPhone guru’s demise, however we have a rather unique Steve Jobs tribute for your consideration today in the form of a mural depicting Steve constructed out of 4001 post-it notes, and we have a video of the tribute for your viewing pleasure below.

The Steve Jobs Post-it Note tribute video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at MacRumors, and by way of YouTube user Andreasrkopp, and is time-lapse footage of numerous people involved in erective the homage.

The blurb along with the video states…” Lets honor Steve by action! Start and now SHARE THE VIDEO? 4001 post-its to honor Steve Jobs legacy with a portrait posted outside of the apple store Munich by Michi, Chris, Andreas, Kathi, Richard, Sandra, Jiannis, Fabian, Jenny and many others. Pixels for face by Gerald Schaftner. Steve devoted his life to give us the most powerful devices ever available to an ordinary person. Lets honor him and his legacy by action.”

One does have to say, whether you liked Steve Jobs or not, he did shake up the smartphone space and thousands if not millions will always see Steve Jobs as the figurehead of Apple regardless that he has now gone, but not forgotten.

This feat in honouring the memory of Steve is quite an impressive feat, so head on down and mash that play button to check out the video footage, and if you have paid your own tribute to the passing of Steve Jobs and wish to share, feel free to let us know in our comments area below.

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