Android to gain Native Screenshots with Ice Cream Sandwich

As you are no doubt aware not long from now hopefully everything there is to know about the Google guys latest Android operating system, Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be revealed at the event in Hong Kong, but until then leaks continue to hit the net waves, and we have one here for your consideration.

According to the guys over at Android Police, Ice Cream Sandwich is said to finally deliver native screenshot capabilities, meaning the much talked about Samsung Nexus Prime, or Samsung Galaxy Nexus whichever you prefer, should be able to capture screenshots without carrier mods, roots, or external apps.

Apparently support for native screenshots has now been baked right into Ice cream sandwich, and all you do is press VolDn+Power and bob’s your uncle, job done.

The guys dug deeper and in their words there are two apps doing the “heavy lifting,” screencap and screen shot…


Usage: screenshot [-s soundfile] filename.png
-s: play a sound effect to signal success
-I: autoincrement to avoid overwriting filename.png


[-hp] [FILENAME]
-h: this message
-p: save the file as a png.
If FILENAME ends with .png it will be saved as a png.
If FILENAME is not given, the results will be printed to stout.”

In and update the guys state that “these binaries are also present in Honeycomb. The difference is staring with ICS we should be able to use them by pressing two buttons without needing root (unless Google yanks this out of the final release for some reason.)”

So there you go, if all goes according to plan, and Android Ice Cream Sandwich is unveiled at the Hong Kong event as expected it shouldn’t be too long before we see this latest rumour confirmed or not.

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