iPhone 4S Siri the Perfect Duet Partner? Video

Well it seems that the rage with the iPhone 4S is the Siri voice assistant and its ability to answer you back, although the feature is probably just a flash in the pan as once the iOS faithful get over the new gimmick it’ll probably fade into the background, but Siri does have its uses, like being a duet partner for one.

Yes, it had to happen sooner or later, someone gets to making a video of singing with Siri, in this case it’s the same guy who made a name for himself by singing about the iPhone Antennagate problems and patents, Jonathan Mann.

And yes we have the Siri duet with Jonathan Mann for your viewing consideration below courtesy of the guys over at 9to5 Mac and delivers two and a half minutes of Mann crooning to the iPhone 4S with Siri delivering her rather robotic response.

The best response from Siri in this duet is “You say that to all the virtual assistants,” when Mann asks Siri to marry him. Have to say thought that when it comes to writing lyrics, the continued use of OK in the video did start to grate on my nerves somewhat.

According to my colleague Mark, who uses the iPhone 4S, Siri does have its problems as it is just as quick to do the tasks yourself rather than Siri and that the UK version doesn’t deliver on directions or business searches, perhaps he’s right that it is just as quick to do those tasks yourself and if so perhaps the fascination with Siri will soon wear off.

So for all you iOS faithful out there that have already fallen in love with your virtual assistant head on down and mash that play button to check out this love song duet with Siri and Mann, and if you happen to make your own Siri duet feel free to post the link to it in our comments area below…enjoy.

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