iOS Accessories: Doxie Go Portable Scanner

Phones Review Quickie: If you are one of the iOS faithful out there of which there are many that do quite a bit of scanning, there’s a new iOS accessory coming to the market that might be of use to you, the Doxie Go Portable Scanner from Apparent Corporation that will enable you to do your scanning on the go.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo, by way of iLounge, the Doxie Go portable scanner enables the user to scan such things as photos and documents with the need for a computer and furthermore Apparent will be releasing an accessory that enables you to scan into the iPhone and Apple iPad.

The Doxie Go portable scanner has a built in battery and can store 600 pages in its memory with that memory being expandable via microSD card or USB flash drives and once your scanning is done simply plug into your computer and the Doxie Go will sync.

So how much will the Doxie Go portable scanner hit your pocket for and when will the device and accessories begin shipping? Well the scanner itself will command a price tag of some $199 and is expected to ship sometime in November.

As for the iOS accessory part, the Doxie Go iPhone and Apple iPad Sync Kit will start shipping somewhat later in December and will command a price tag of 39 bucks, but is available to pre-order from Getdoxie as of right now.

So there you have it, will you be purchasing the Doxie Go portable scanner and iPhone/iPad Sync kit?

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