Microsoft Chief Says Android Users Are Computer Scientists

Phones Review Quickie: Well now it’s really cool to know that I am considered a computer scientist by the head man of Microsoft Steve Ballmer, and all because I can use my Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, which is of course an Android handset, and Mr. Ballmer believes you have to be a computer scientist to operate an Android device.

Yes folks, the mouth of Microsoft has according to an article over on The Telegraph, gone on record as basically saying if you own an Android smartphone you are a computer scientist.

According to the article, Ballmer, speaking at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, when asked to compare the “appeal” of a Windows Phone against a Google Android smartphone, Ballmer said…

“You don’t need to be a computer scientist to use a Windows phone and you do to use and Android phone…It is hard for me to be excited about the Android phones.”

Now obviously Ballmer was intending to take a swipe at the Android platform with his comment, but to be perfectly honest I look on it as a compliment that all Android users are intelligent enough to use the Android platform, and if that makes us “computer scientists,” that has to be a compliment right?

Thanks Mr. Ballmer I appreciate the compliment.

When asked to compare the iPhone with a Windows Phone, Ballmer said, “Apple is a good competitor, but a different one,” and apparently kissed Apple’s butt a little further by praising the iPhone 4S feature, Siri.

However, Ballmer didn’t refer to iOS users as “computer scientists,” so perhaps the Microsoft chief believes Android users are more intelligent than iOS users…let the fireworks begin.

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15 thoughts on “Microsoft Chief Says Android Users Are Computer Scientists”

  1. I slightly disagree with Mr. Ballmer. Android phones not only functions like a computer but it has some additional features as well. Well, you got a point on what you said but Android phones are more upgraded than that of the ordinary PCs. 

  2. I don’t think galaxy tab or androids can compete with the iPhone. They just existed because iPhone exists first. Anyway, just from my experience. I prefer more iPhone when we talk about smart phones. 

  3. Not just the Android users can have the chance to become a scientist. I agree with Ballmer. What if we don’t have an Android phone or any smart phones? Don’t we have the right to be intelligent? 

  4. “that all Android users are intelligent enough to use the Android platform, and if that makes us “computer scientists,” that has to be a compliment right?” I don’t think so. When cellphones was out, we all don;’t know how to use it but later as we explore we did. Just like any other phone, whether it is a smart phone, or whatever phone it is. We will all learn to use that even not being a scientist. 

  5. A report by marketing agency 11mark found that three in four people are texting, emailing and even talking on the phone while in the bathroom. In fact, about 25% of Americans said they always bring their phone into the restroom.

  6. Vidy says:

    My 2 year old daughter plays her fav peppa pig videos on her android tab and my SG3 and reads istory books and three little pigs story by herself. Surely if she can do it, it must not be that hard?

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