Trick or Treat Halloween Theme Evil Quiz iPhone App

Halloween is only a week away now and it will be time to get your scare on, so get your knowledge up to scratch with the new trick or treat Halloween theme Evil Quiz iPhone app.

Evil Quiz is simply a free impossible moron proof IQ for stupidness, well that is what the developers, aka SKH Apps of this application say anyway.

This new puzzle app for the iPhone has 100 levels of brain teasing questions and riddles, you will net to get your thinking cap on because you need to outwit the developers and that’s the trick, beat them and that is the treat.

Main App Features Include: Brainteasers, Riddles, tricky Maths and much more, it has fun graphics and sound effects, as well as shocking failures that will make your iPhone vibrate and laugh at you, and as original and creative questions with a Halloween theme.

This app is fun but sometimes annoying, and this is what makes it that much better. For more information please visit iTunes or go directly to the App Store. Just so you know, this app is totally free so get downloading.

If you already have this app installed on your Apple iPhone, please do let us know what you think of it by sending in your personal reviews and opinions, thanks.

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