AT&T iPhone 4S is 4G capable, more like 3.5G

Everyone believes that the new and recently release Apple iPhone 4S is 3G only, but AT&T believe otherwise suggesting that it is 4G compatible. The iPhone 4S being 4G compatible is madness, but AT&T has confirmed that it is.

We visited the AT&T website and can clearly see that the Apple iPhone 4S is listed under the list of 4G devices, in fact it is right at the top is first position.

We know that the iPhone 4S supports 3G, but thanks to iDB they contacted AT&T and they say that they do consider the iPhone 4S to be 4G because of HSPA+. The AT&T rep that iDB chatted to came back by saying “it wasn’t a very fair denomination and said it was more 3.5G than actual 4G.”

So now we here at Phones Review are calling out to all AT&T Apple iPhone 4S owners, we would like to you let us know data speeds you are getting, please run a test and let us know what you come up with, PLEASE let us know what area you are in and then we can put all the speeds together to see who gets the best.

Personally, we do not believe the 4S is 4G, we may get proved wrong, but come on do you believe it?


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  1. Dove says:

    If you compare the data transfer speeds then you could say AT&T is 4G like when compared to how slow Verizon and Sprint are running data speeds for the iPhone4S in the USA. So if you are taking a 2 year contact on this non 4G LTE capable iPhone, what one will hold you off best for 2 years? ATT of course. It may be a dodgier network at times but if you want 4G like speeds I guess its worth bending over and taking it till all the bugs are worked out with the real 4G phones.

  2. Jeff says:

    Just ran download speed test on my new iPhone 4S here in Dallas, TX using the Cisco Gist app:

    1,800kbps: HD Video Grade

    Significantly faster than my 3GS!  I don’t really care what AT&T calls it, 4G, 3.5G or whatever.

  3. Jasweath says:

    Norman Oklahoma and using speed test x, 10 miles outside of town I got 1128.08kbps down and 824.95 up. Second test was 2595.86kbps down and 824.95kbps up.

  4. Robydesubijana@yahoo.com says:

    I have the iPhone 4s with AT&T, and after the new update to 5.1, I have found it to be faster. I tested the speeds and I got 4mb download and 3mb upload speeds .

  5. Claydoggi13 says:

    it would seem that i get better coverage, but it doesnt seem to speed anything up too much… i ran 2 test and both time i was between .6 to 1.1 MB slower in download and barely hit the half k mark for uploads.. i think the 4G is boGus

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