RIM use of BBX raises trademark ownership claim

Phones Review Quickie: Most in the mobile space probably know that Research In Motion is gearing up to unleash their latest mobile operating system for BlackBerry smartphones and tablets such as the BlackBerry PlayBook, and that the new OS is called BBX. However there seems to be some contention as to whether the BlackBerry maker has the right to use BBX, as apparently a company is claiming ownership of the BBx (note lower case X) trademark.

According to the guys over at Mobile Burn, a company known as Basis International has pushed out a press release that claims BBx is a registered trademark own by them for use with their products. Basis International says BBx is an “operating system independent language, database, and toolset.”

Apparently Basis International says in the press release that they have sent a cease and desist letter to Research In Motion, as yet no word on the matter from the Canadian smartphone company has been released.

According to Basis International their BBx OS can be used to make apps that run on multiple mobile platforms including the BlackBerry platform, the Android platform and Apple’s iOS.

Research In Motion has already announced their BBX OS and touts the operating system as “the best of QNX with the best of the BlackBerry platform.”

So there you go, one would have thought that large companies such as RIM would think of checking whether a particular name is already trademarked before going ahead, but then I guess as there are so many it would be somewhat time consuming, and no doubt RIM will come to some agreement with Basis International so they can continue to use BBX.

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