UK Police Crime Data via Bobbies Android App

Crime happens all across the United Kingdom and it is hard to keep up with what happens around you, well that could be the thing of the past. You can now check all the UK Police Crime Data via Bobbies Android app.

The new Bobbies Android app allows you to keep a track on crime, such as who has been robbed, threatened, stabbed and where the offence happened. This app basically grabs open source local time data for Wales and England making it searchable, it searches with maps and contact numbers and all sorts of vaguely reassuring local descriptions.

It is what we call a police officer in your pocket, there is a downside to this application; the data is a few month behind and only works in England and Wales.

We do like the fact that you can access data about the police force in your local neighbourhood; it will find emails and contact numbers for you. You can be kept informed about events that are happening around you, meaning you can go and meet certain police officials face-to-face.

More features will be added in the future, including the ability to view historic data and see how crime rates have changed over time. Please remember that this app is NOT official, for more information about Bobbies (UK Police Crime Data) (Free) please visit the Android Market.

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