Logic 3 i-Station TTV Review speaker dock, perfect for iPhone

Three UK (3) has sent us the Logic 3 i-Station TTV Rotate speaker dock, and for those that own an Apple iPod or any iPhone model should continue reading. We love to give products our very own hands-on review and we will do just that with this iPhone speaker dock.

We will give you our hands on review covering the introduction, first impression, in the box, the design, key features, and our overall summary. Just so you know we have tested this product with the iPhone 4S.


The Logic 3 i-Station TTV iPhone / iPod speaker dock is a great looking product that allows you to house your Apple device, it has a rotating mechanism so that you can dock your device in wither landscape or portrait mode. You can expand the speaker by pulling the i-Station TTV apart gently.

In the Box

When you receive the box you will obviously get the Logic 3 i-Station TTV speaker dock, power cable, 8 slide in connectors to house all iPods and iPhones, plus it comes with a 3.5mm jack to jack cable so that you can plug into any device with a 3.5mm socket, you get a little pamphlet with other Logic 3 products on it, as well as a manual.

First Impressions

Our first impressions are quite good, it is sleek looking and has all that you need for a product to work well, and it is not over-loaded with buttons. It simply has an on and off push button, 3.5mm jack point, the power connection point and a tray where you put batteries if you do not want to use the power cable. So far just by looking at it and holding it briefly is all good, so looking forward to reviewing.

The Design

The overall design is nice, ok it is not the best looking speaker dock in the world and will not win awards in the “Look at me I stand out award”, but nether the less it looks rather sleek as said above. It has simplicity about it, the slide-out and rotate mechanism is a brilliant idea because this allowed us to dock our iPhone 4S in either landscape or portrait mode, so if you wanted to watch a movie or a YouTube clip for example it works well.

The Key Features

The key features has to be the ability to stretch the Logic 3 i-Station TTV Rotate, it is called rotate for a reason and that is all down to docking the iPhone 4S in portrait mode and then allowing you to touch the top of the smartphone and giving it a gentle push down to the left to give landscape mode.

Another key feature for us is how light it is, it is so easy to carry around with you. You could take it on holiday and not worry about going overweight in the baggage area.

The Positives

On a positive side it is the rotating action that we like the most, it is highly portable and a decent product if you wish to enhance your iPhones speaker just to give you that extra loudness. We also like the fact that even though you cannot dock anything else other than Apple products, you can still plug the device into the speaker dock by using the 3.5mm jack cable that comes with it. Love the fact that it takes 4 x AAA batteries, which makes it highly portable and cable free.

The Negatives

The sound is not what you call fantastic, but then this is not a £200 to £300 speaker dock, and for the size of i-Station TTV you can understand this. Other than that we cannot find anything bad to say about it, we are always honest in what we say and if we find a negative we will report it.

Main Features

– High performance speaker system for iPhone / iPod
– 6 watts RMS power output
– Rotating dock to view films, podcasts and music videos from iPhone & iPod
– Operates using an AC Adaptor (Included) or 4 x AAA Batteries
– Stereo Line-in Cable for playing other audio devices including iPod shuffle, MP3 or CD players
– Power efficient Class D amplifier for improved performance
– Dimensions (H x W x D) 100 x 220 x 32mm

Phones Review Overall Summary

If you own an Apple iPod or any Apple iPhone, then this is a fantastic product, we would recommend the Logic 3 i-Station TTV Rotate speaker dock, for the price and size you are getting a great little product. If you are used to the sound of say the Bose sound docks, then this is not for you, but if you are looking for something fairly cheap, highly portable and the pleasures of looking at your Apple device in portrait or landscape whilst docked then this is definitely for you.

Where to Buy and Price

First of all, seeing as we reviewed the Logic 3 i-Station TTV Rotate speaker dock using our iPhone 4S, you can check out their deals on this smartphone. You can buy this product via Three UK here for £71, but to be fair you can get it a lot cheaper if you visit other websites, we have seen it at around £45.

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