Apple iPhone 4G LTE launch, it will happen

The Apple iPhone 4G LTE is definitely going to happen next year, the next generation iPhone will apparently be sporting the 4G LTE chip, which is needed to compete with many Android devices featuring this network coverage.

DigiTimes has already said that LTE network coverage will indeed be widespread, and the 4G-addition will make the iPhone even more marketable. Got to admit though, we thought the iPhone 4S was going to release with the 4G LTE chipset, but Apple decided that Siri and dual antennas was enough this year, ok maybe the iPhone 5 will surprise.

The iPhone 4S reaches download speeds of up to 14.4Mbps via HSPA+ networks; so you can just imagine what 4G network speeds will bring to the consumer. TechSpot reports that Apples CEO. TIM Cook was not willing to compromise the design of the iPhone 4S to add 4G LTE at this time.

Apparently next year will bring much small and backward compatible chipsets, with 3G to cover certain areas where you cannot receive 4G services. We cannot wait for the next iPhone instalment; of course we will be on top of this and will report the news as of when we do.

4G LTE is only available in five US cities with plans to add 10 additional markets by the end of the year with AT&T, Verizon Wireless will be introducing LTE in 26 additional markets, taking their number up to 143 areas covered. Sprint will start its 4G LTE campaign mid-2012.


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