BlackBerry trade-ins rise due to iPhone 4S release and outage

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has been going through quite a bad patch what with the uptake of the BlackBerry Playbook failing to garner enough interest, BlackBerry smartphones losing market share left right and centre to rivals Apple and Android, and most importantly for BlackBerry users the recent devastating network outage.

To appease those BlackBerry users RIM offer them free premium apps to the value of a hundred bucks as compensation, however that may have come a little late, as because that outage came when Apple was in full swing with the launch of the iPhone 4S, the word according to Redmond Pie by way of Cnet, is trade-ins of BlackBerry devices risen.

According to Cnet, purchaser of gadgets in return for cash, Gazelle has said they have seen an 80 percent increase in trade-ins of BlackBerry devices since last week.

Anthony Scarsella, the chief gadget officer for Gazelle told Cnet, this is “easily the highest volume of BlackBerry trades ever seen period,” and says this includes a “spike” following the outage, and goes on to say, “In the grand scheme of BlackBerry growth over the past month, it can be pretty much entirely attributed to the launch of the iPhone 4S.”

Scarsella also confirmed that there has been an increase of 72 percent in Android trade-ins during the same period; however the number may be a “little fuzzier to attribute to any single event,” and says that most of the Android trade-ins were on Sprint, who began offering the iPhone for the first time.

However when it comes to Android trade-ins, Android users might be planning ahead and getting ready to pick up such new smartphones as the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus or the Motorola Droid RAZR.

So what we here at Phones Review would like to know is, have any of our BlackBerry or Android toting readers traded in their BlackBerry for the iPhone 4S, or waiting for the Galaxy Nexus or Droid RAZR?

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