Samsung Galaxy Nexus sports Fortified not Gorilla glass

One of the things I love about Samsung Android devices is that they come with Gorilla glass to protect from your everyday scratches, and I have to say my Samsung Galaxy S is still looking as new as the day I purchased it. However if you were thinking the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone will come out to play packing that Gorilla glass, it appears you’d be mistaken.

According to the guys over at Android and Me, although old Sammy has never stated the Samsung Galaxy Nexus would have Gorilla glass, it has been assumed it would; however the word has come down from Corning that the Android headset will not sport their toughened glass.

Corning used their Twitter account to tweet the confirmation stating…”For all who have asked, just confirmed@Corning Gorilla® Glass is not on the new Galaxy Nexus. For further details please contact Samsung.”

However the Android and Me guys contacted Samsung to find out why and apparently Samsung wasn’t forthcoming as to the reason for not opting to use Gorilla glass on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and simply stated they chose to use “another type of fortified glass.”

Obviously the curved screen on the Galaxy Nexus will help prevent damage, but whether this other “fortified glass” will offer the same tough protection as Gorilla glass remains to be seen, and as Samsung wasn’t forthcoming with any details on that glass alternative, I figure we’ll just have to wait until the Galaxy Nexus is out in the public field to see just how well it will stand up.

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6 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Nexus sports Fortified not Gorilla glass”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I guess they  must have switched companies for a better product or less expensive material. We will soon find out. I see someone posted it is stronger than Gorilla Glass, so that may be a plus. Samsung in my opinion opts for quality. Now when is the phone coming to Sprint and the other networks. This is what I hate about North America, Asia and Europe are more unified. 

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