iPhone to get official Gmail app

For all you iPhone faithful out there in iOS land who like to get their email action on with Gmail, it appears that despite having to wait some considerable time, the iPhone is about to gain an official Gmail application, as the word is an official Gmail app is headed to the iOS platform including push notifications.

According to the guys over at Slash Gear by way of MG Siegler, Google has now developed and submitted an official Gmail app to Apple for approval for the App Store.

Word is, if it gets approved, and the general consensus is it will, the official native Gmail app for the iPhone should become available reasonably soon.

In the past iPhone users had to access Gmail via third-party apps or the web, and once the official native Gmail app hits, the user should be able to get notifications with ease and also star messages, and according to Siegler will likely also deliver priority inbox along with such things that Google is gearing up to roll out to Gmail such as better threading, contact icons, and possible Google+ integration.

So there you have it, iPhone users should be able to have something that the Android faithful have had for quite some time now once Apple puts their official stamp of approval on the new native Gmail app for iPhone, which once done, we should see become available sooner rather than later.

So does this little piece of app news excite the iPhone faithful out there, are you happy a native Gmail app is finally coming to the iPhone?

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