Best iPhone Speaker Docks: Speakal iKurv

The Apple iPhone has style, so you really need a stylish iOS accessory for the smartphone, so we wanted to find one of the best iPhone speaker docks, we found the Speakal iKurv and got to admit, it looks awesome.

There are millions of different iPhone speaker docks, but they look bland. We all want something that looks different, stands out form the crowd, and is very pleasing to the eye, the Speakal iKurv does all the above and then some.

The new looking iKurv is a stunning speaker system, featuring two big speakers connected in a tube, what we love is the styling and the glowing blue stripe. It will push out 20 watts of sound and comes with 4-level Ambient light feature.

The product also features video output cable, auxiliary input for your regular audio devices, you can plug into your TV to play the sound of the programme you are watching. The iKurv is now on sale on the official website with an introductory price of only $79.99 instead of the regular $89.99 price, you can also head on over to Amazon and purchase for $89.95.

Please do let us know if you think this is one of the best iPhone speaker docks.

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