Nokia 600 release date dead, does not exist

The Nokia 600 may possibly have the “release date dead” tag stamped on it if sources are correct. There is a lot of attention on Twitter and the blogosphere, that Nokia may have just cancelled the mobile phone. This was the Cindy handset featuring Belle operating system, and showed up alongside the 701, 700 and the 500.

It could be that the Nokia 600 may have been delayed with no release soon, or it could be true that it has been scrapped altogether. We visited DGui and they have suggested the 600 has been cancelled as well, it just seems a little strange that Nokia would launch a device and then cancel it.

If you search for anything Nokia 600, you do not really get a lot of information via say YouTube etc. Even when you visit Nokia’s developer website, the Nokia 600 is not listed, surely this is a sign of it is dead.

If this is the case that the Nokia 600 is dead, what is the reason behind it, we will be contacting Nokia for the full story. Seems a little weird and we will not believe it until we get the official word. You still have the Nokia 700 with similar specs, the 600 would have had a lower price but what can you do about it if the above is true.

This is a little weird: Please visit this Nokia page – You will notice that the Nokia 600 is listed, but when you click the Nokia 600 link it gives you a page with nothing on it, the page is not available.

Source — My Nokia Blog

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