iPhone 4S transforms into fake camera with SNAP case

So when is the iPhone not an iPhone? When it is a camera of course, and what we have here is an iPhone case that transforms your beloved iOS smartphone into a visually looking camera albeit not offering any real functionality, but if you would rather the iPhone resemble a camera rather than a phone the SNAP case might catch your eye.

The SNAP case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is brought to our attention by the guys over at Ubergizmo and by way of Craziest Gadgets and has been designed by BitPlay and is of course as you can see a case to disguise your iPhone as a fairly realistic camera.

Presumably disguising your iPhone as a camera might make having your adored handset lifted and carried off by some passing by thief, although some camera are just as attractive to thieves eyes as the iPhone.

The BitPlay SNAP case for iPhone is being shown off at the Tokyo Designers event this week, and snaps onto your iOS smartphone in three pieces that comprise of a top and bottom section and a fake camera lens and apparently has a dedicated shutter button that works with the iPhone camera so you can at least take pictures.

As for what disguising your iPhone as a camera will cost, currently there is no price available for the SNAP case for iPhone nor is there any word on when the accessory will become available.

Does the SNAP fake camera case for the iPhone appeal to any of our iPhone touting readers, feel free to voice your opinions on this case to our comments area below.

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