iPhone 4S Siri outage: Have you lost connection?

If you are using the Apple iPhone 4S Siri voice assistant, you may have noticed a nationwide outage. Many customers are reporting that Siri is having serious problems with network connection, and we are asking all our readers if you have lost connection?

The new iOS 5 update has not been stable, so much so Apple has released iOS 5.0.1 beta to developers, which is now at beta 2. So far since the iOS 5 update, users of say the iPhone 4S for example have experienced major battery life problems, and now with Siri network connection loss is just angering customers even more.

VentureBeat were one of the first to report that Siri went down across the US, leaving iPhone 4S customers without the new feature. We have not experienced this in the UK, as of yet, whatever country you are in we would like to know if you have the same problem.

Customers may not be able to access Siri, nor use the dictation either. We here at Phones Review tested our iPhone 4S and activated Siri, he is working ok for us.

Once again, please let us know if Siri is working for you, being it yes or no also add what country you are in and of course what network you are on, thanks.


32 thoughts on “iPhone 4S Siri outage: Have you lost connection?”

    1. Schoff0310 says:

      Im in So. Fla. and she was back Friday night and working fine ever since. I even found that she thinks 82 degrees is too hot ! (when asked the temperature!) she is obviously not a Florida girl!!!!

  1. Guest says:

    In Utah, USA Siri has been down since Friday afternoon, and continuing today. It was briefly working a short while after it went down, but was tremendously slow at processing requests, then went back off again, and as of Saturday morning still isn’t working at all

  2. KJW says:

    Austin, TX.  Siri was working like a charm until the outage on Thursday night.  Friday it was completely dead and today (Saturday) it’s been off and on but mostly off.

  3. SMS says:

    Apple is about to another “refurb” 4S on their hands if they can’t get it working right! 3:50PM in Texas, and Siri is still out from Thursday.

  4. Anthony says:

    7:14 pm (2214GMT). Siri still down in Dallas, TX. AT&T is my carrier. Just re-confirmed with a friend that he is experiencing continued outage (also on AT&T in Dallas). Both of us have power cycled devices over the last 24 hours but that does not fix.

  5. Apple says:

    Thank you everyone, for telling us where you are, and where Siri is down. We have figured out what is wrong with Siri, and are currently fixing this issue.
    Regards, Apple

  6. Garvinmsc says:

    Siri has been out for me here in HoustonTX on Iphone 3S for almost 2 weeks now.
    Siri’s message on my screen says it cannot fine a network connection.

  7. Macs_Rule says:

    Tells me she is having trouble connecting to the network and I am receiving mostly “Uh, oh, I’m sorry I can’t help you right  now or we have a problem or I’m sorry I cannot connect to a network. AT&T is carrier

  8. MD says:

    SIRI is having trouble connecting to the network here in the UK. My connection was lost this morning after having worked perfectly for the last few days.

  9. Awf says:

    Siri only worked once when I asked him what his name was, he answered then all he keeps saying now when asked a question is “sorry I am having trouble connecting to the network” I am in Brighton, UK

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