iPhone 4S weak demand causes Apple to cut orders

Hmm, perhaps the iPhone 4S isn’t as great as most would believe as apparently there is weak demand for the latest iOS smartphone in North America and Europe, which in part have caused Apple to cut orders for the iPhone 4S and Apple iPad 2 for Q4 and Q1 2012.

Also partly to blame is key component shortages. According to the guys over at Slash Gear, by way of DigiTimes, Chinese newspaper Commercial Times is reporting supplies of elements such as the multi-lens system in the iPhone 4S have said that Apple wont be requiring the quantity as previously expected.

As you no doubt know, Apple shifted in excess of 4 million iPhone 4S handsets during the first weekend the iOS handset became available, however apparently further pre-sales have been somewhat unimpressive according to the report.

As for the Apple iPad 2, it’s being described as “short-term market saturation” leading Apple to chop orders of the iOS slate.

According to the report, “Apple is likely to adjust downward its shipments of iPhones and iPads from related suppliers by 10-15% in the fourth quarter.”

Apparently Apple has notified iPhone 4S case makers and camera lens makers along with ODM assemblers to reduce their shipments for Q4, however apparently none have confirmed if this is the case.

So there you have it, whatever the reason it appears there will be less iPhone 4S and Apple iPad 2 units available for the foreseeable future.

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