iOS and Android overtake Nintendo and Sony in portable gaming revenue

Back in the day, portable gaming was dominated by the likes of Sony and Nintendo with the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, but now the smartphone is eating into that portable gaming market with both iOS and Android both grabbing a slice of the gaming market and taking revenue from the two gaming rival giants, revenue that before smartphones they could depend on.

According to an article over on iDownload Blog, new research by mobile analytics firm Flurry shows that if trends continue going the way they are, Sony and Nintendo’s dominance of the portable gaming market may soon come to an end.

According to the company when combining both Sony and Nintendo both according to estimates will generate $1.4 billion in gaming revenue in 2011, whilst Flurry estimate combining iOS and Android, both will generate $1.9 billion in gaming revenue, and thus iOS and Android will overtake Sony and Nintendo.

Again according to the figures, iOS and Android gaming back in 2009 accounted for just 19 percent while the Sony PSP accounted for 11 percent while the Nintendo DS accounted for 70 percent. In 2010 things changed with combined iOS and Android eating a bigger slice of the pie rising to 34 percent, cutting Sony down to 9 percent and Nintendo down to 57 percent.

When it comes to 2011, the Flurry guys estimate combined iOS and Android will own 58 percent of the portable gaming market with Sony grabbing just a meagre 6 percent and Nintendo chopped down to 36 percent.

Thus it would appear that the iPhone, Apple iPad and Android smartphones and tablets will dominate the portable gaming market rather than Sony and Nintendo. Sony has started the jump to using smartphones for gaming with the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play but needs more smartphones to run their games, while Nintendo has constantly refused to bring their gaming portfolio to iOS or Android something that may prove a wrong move in the end.

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