Ice Cream Sandwich source code coming with Galaxy Nexus release

I’m fairly sure everyone in the mobile arena is aware the latest and greatest mobile operating system from the Google guys is Android 4.0 otherwise known as Android Ice Cream Sandwich and the first device to come out to play with Android 4.0 will be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but there’s a rumour doing the rounds that the ICS source code is also coming out to play.

According to an article over on Phone Arena by way of Android and Me, Rohan Shravan, the found and CEO of Notion Ink is apparently saying that Google will release the Android Ice Cream Sandwich source code as of the 17th of this month.

The 17th of November date might ring a bell with some, as this date is when the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is due to release over here in the United Kingdom, so it would appear if the rumour is true, Google will deliver the Android 4.0 source code to the Android community the same day as the Galaxy Nexus hit the UK.

I’m pretty sure everyone in the mobile space knows the importance of releasing a source code, which means that Android smartphone makers will gain all they need to begin making Ice Cream Sandwich updates for the handsets they intend to support, and also developers will be able to start pushing out Android 4.0 custom ROMs.

Of course, as this release date for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich source code hasn’t been confirmed, you should treat this as rumour for now although Shravan has been known to pass along info on future Android updates in the past. Still as the 17th isn’t that far off it wont be long before we know for sure.

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