iPhone 4S ban not sought by Samsung on home turf

I’m sure you all know that the legal battle between Apple and Samsung over patent infringements continues, and no doubt will continue for quite some time before both finally come to some amicable agreement and stop suing each other. Apple sues Samsung and gets the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned while Samsung fights back by going after a ban of the iPhone 4S, but not on their home turf apparently.

According to an article over on The Next Web by way of The Chosunilbo, it was thought that Samsung would file to get the latest iOS smartphone banned in South Korea, however after much debate on the matter Samsung has decided not to seek a ban of the iPhone 4S in their home country.

No doubt most already know the story between these two smartphone and tablet giants, and currently Sammy is seeking a ban of iPhone 4S sales in Australia, Japan, Italy and France in retaliation to Apple gaining a ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany and Australia.

However apparently a Samsung exec has now stated that the company will not seek a ban of the iPhone 4S in South Korea, as they will engage with Apple in legal battles on in the global market and not just to take market share in Korea.

It seems to me that Samsung is taking the moral high ground by not going after an iPhone 4S ban on their home turf, not wishing to be seen as simply going after a bigger market share, whereas as I have always said my personal view is Apple is doing just that, going after the Galaxy Tab 10.1 because they are of the mind the slate can take market share away from the Apple iPad 2.

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